About Us

What is Yudu?

Yudu is an online rug builder that allows you to customise the perfect rug for your home or office. Yudu is the easiest way for stylish comfort seekers (that’s you!) to create custom size rugs for their space. No more awkward layouts, your rug can now fit snug.


You can now design the perfect-sized rug in a few easy steps and we will deliver your custom creation directly to your door within 14 days. Browse the various carpet designs, pick one in the colour of your choice and polish it off with a trim. It’s simple really- we don’t design it, you do!

Value-added variety

We have so many designs in great colourways for you to choose from. Yudu is the DIY rug solution that gives you the power to shop your look, size it up and create the perfect canvas for your décor space.

Hassle free

How delightful is it to know that your new patch of perfection will be making its way to your door within 14 days? Better still it can all be done at your fingertips!

Share the love

We would love to see your Yudu rug in its new home and we’re sure our budding rug creators out there do too! Tag us in your pic (@yudurugs) and give us something to gush over, on Instagram and Facebook.