We’ve designed a way for you to create a rug in the size you need, in the style you want and with the trim of your choice.

How it works and what we do.

Design online.

Our easy-to-use Yudu rug builder lets you set your size, choose a design, browse colours and select a trim colour.

Order a sample.

Want to touch or colour match your rug before you place your order? Buy a sample swatch box and we'll refund you for it when you place your rug order.

Delivery to your door.

Once you've confirmed your order, we'll get started on making-up your custom rug - when its ready, we'll ship it directly to you.

Save your faves.

Not ready to pull the trigger? That's okay! Browse the inspiration gallery, save your faves or even use one of these to start your own creation.

Trade orders.

Do you need to create that perfect fit for someone else? Enquire about our pro services for interior designers.

Be inspired.

Don’t know where to start? Explore the rugs made by their happy owners and use those designs to start you off with a look you love.